Gijón of Cider®. Come and Enjoy

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For 11 days, the best Ciders producers in Asturias form partnerships with outstanding cider locals offering the best cider, tasty gastronomy and windlass songs.

Gijón of cider ® is a party honoring the cider which celebrates its 7th Edition from 8 to 18 October in 2015 inviting all asturians and visitors to live intensely the world of cider and its culture.

This party returns the Cider houses as a center of social and culinary activity, recovering and teaching all that cider houses are much more than just a meeting place. It is a gastronomic and cultural event which is becoming a benchmark national and international tourist attraction. During Gijón of Cider ®  the most outstanding cider houses in the city, open their doors to all those cider world passionate so that they can enjoy the best cider of Asturias.

It is acknowledge the efforts of the producers by offering the best cider during these days. Each cider house welcomes “the bat of cider” of an assigned producer establishing an attractive price which includes: a bottle of cider welcomed the establishment and a gastronomy proposal which serves as an accompaniment with a single price.

Sidrobus ®

During 2013 to celebrate the 5th anniversary a Sidrobus ® started to run a tour of stops close to the participating cider houses to enjoy the best cider and tasty gastronomy hearing our choirs.

The charms of the city of Gijón and the amiability of its people, make Gijón of Cider a great experience and the perfect meeting to discover that for an Asturian cider houses are not only a bar, are home extensions. This year you can also enjoy this exciting route on wheels.

Sidromapa ®

All participating cider houses appear in the Sidromapa ®. Consists of a guide showing on one side routes proposed with the participating cider producers and cider of quality offer. The other side map features the brands that welcomes each cider house in town (name, location, varieties of cider…) to make it didactic and correctly identify for tasting. Each cider only hosts the cider from a wound in particular, so it is advisable to travel the complete road for all tastes.

In addition, for the champions who complete the full path, and keep the corks, We have prepared a Master cider ® to dispense after the event. We are sure that the winners will be very satisfied with the experience.

Happy Gijón of cider ® 2015, come and enjoy it.

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